2nd edition (New edition)

Using International Law in Canadian Courts 2/e


Engagement with international law is notably absent in Canada’s legal past. It is likely, however, to be a momentous part of Canada’s legal future. It is the thesis of this book that a lack of basic international legal understanding on the part of lawyers and judges is no longer permissible in the integrated world in which we live, and that we must educate ourselves better if we are to manage that integration process in the interests of Canadian society. Accordingly, Using International Law in Canadian Courts sets out to provide Canadian practitioners and legal academics with a straightforward guide to using public international law in Canadian courts and tribunals.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Definitions, sources, and forums
Chapter 3 Evidence and procedure
Chapter 4 Reception and the unwritten constitution
Chapter 5 The presumption of conformity with international law
Chapter 6 The incorporation of custom
Chapter 7 Treaties
Chapter 8 Reception of other sources of international law
Chapter 9 International law and administrative decisions
Chapter 10 International law and aboriginal peoples
Chapter 11 International human rights law

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