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Trade Practices Act

A twenty-five year stocktake


Leading Australian specialists plus Judge Diane Wood (USA), Professor Whish (UK) and Douglas White QC (NZ) reflect on recent trade practices developments and identify possible future trends.

These trends and the way they are elaborated in the book are explained in the Introduction.


This book will naturally earn its place on the shelves amongst the trade practices literature. - Law Institute Journal (December 2001) 28

Table of Contents

Frances Hanks and Philip L Williams

The Evolution of Antitrust Law in the United States
Judge Diane P Wood
Commentary - Donald Robertson

Developments in European Antitrust
Richard Whish
Commentary - Allan Fels

Cross Tasman Trade in Competition Law: Convergence or Divergence?
Douglas White QC
First Commentary - John Fogarty QC
Second Commentary - Maureen Brunt AO

The Role of the Courts in the Development of Australian Trade Practices Law
Justice R S French
Commentary - Neil J Young QC

Part IIIA: Unleashing a Monster?
John Kench
Commentary - Warren Pengilley

Consumer and Business Protection: Its Role in a Pro-Competition Statute
Bob Baxt and Edward Archibald

The Development of section 46 in Australia - Melway and its Likely Impact on Business
Gaire Blunt & J Neale
Commentary - Geoff Taperell

Table of Cases
Table of Statutes

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