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Tomorrow’s Law


This challenging title examines attitudes and behaviour that force changes to the Australian Parliament and judge-made law.

There are three themes in this collection:

  • the search for and respect for our community values;
  • the need for a broad choice of ways to resolve disputes; and
  • the importance to us as individuals and as a community of trust and betrayal.

In difference guises, these themes recur during the examination of the role of the High Court, the place of euthanasia, the investigation and punishment of crime, the right to know and the right to be left alone, making decisions to benefit others, and how experts and other decision makers can be held to account.

Table of Contents

Undercover Policing: Detection or Deception
Simon Bronitt and David Kinley

The Peril of the Boat People: Assessing Australia’s Responses to the Phenomenon of Border Asylum-Seekers
Mary Crock

The Challenge of Junk Psychiatry, Psychology and Science: The Evolving Role of the Forensic Expert
Ian Freckelton

Trust and Betrayal in Criminal Justice
Arie Freiberg

Is Privacy a Virus?
Susan Gibb

Let the People Know: Press Freedom and the Individual
Crispin Hull

Law for Our Multicultural Society? No Worries
Kathy Laster and Veronica Taylor

Bringing Lawyers to the Table
Steve Mark

Facing Challenge and Change: The Family Court
Alastair Nicholson and Margaret Harrison

The High Court and the People
George Williams

Legal Straitjackets: When Reason Fails
Beth Wilson

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