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Therapeutic Jurisprudence


Therapeutic Jurisprudence is a special issue (Volume 20 No 2) of the journal Law in Context.

Table of Contents

Therapeutic Jurisprudence: Developments and Applications in Australia and New Zealand
Marilyn McMahon and David Wexler

Therapeutic Jurisprudence in Australia: Paradigm Shift or Pragmatic Incrementalism?
Arie Freiberg

The Past, Present and Future of Mental Health Law: A Therapeutic Jurisprudence Analysis
Alfred Allan

Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Anorexia: A Synergy?
Terry Carney and Dominique Saunders

Narrative Medical Competence and Therapeutic Jurisprudence: Moving Towards a Synthesis
Warren Brookbanks

Neighbours and Stalking Intervention Orders: Old Conflicts and New Remedies
Marilyn McMahon and John Willis

Judicial Officers: Complementing Conventional Law and Changing the Culture of the Judiciary
Jelena Popovic

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