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Taken on Oath

A generation of lawyers


A generation of Australian lawyers, interviewed by Jon Faine, describe life in the profession when they entered it -from all States, both sexes and 30, 40, 50, even 60 years ago. This oral history is subjective, impressionistic and inexact - but funny and thought-provoking too.

The lawyers interviewed are wide-ranging (see Contents for details) and they combine to produce a rare ’law’ book with wisdom and entertainment in equal parts.

Table of Contents

Dame Roma Mitchell
Edwin Stanley
Joan Heenan

John Starke
Leycester Meares
Geoffrey White

Esler Barber
Mary Whitehouse
Reginald Smithers

Virgil Power
Kevin Anderson
John Bray

Mary Cameron
Harry Haggarty
Elizabeth Evatt

Hal Wootten
Ray Triado
Charles Page

David Aronson
Colin Bennett
Tom Molomby

John Bowen
Fred Newnham
Ken Hall

Reginald Withers
Geoffrey Hollidge
Phillip Twigg

Nathaniel Hargrave
John Wheatley
Joseph Dixon

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