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Public Sector Ethics

Finding and implementing values


Public sector ethics has become an increasingly crucial issue since Watergate. Whether it be the recommendations of an ombudsman or the unearthing of a ministerial misdoing, ethics in the public sector is a topic under constant scrutiny the media, the public and the public sector itself.

This book provides a balance between theoretical perspectives on public sector ethics, experiences of implementation and suggestions for ways forward. While not a ’how to’ guide per se, it does offer guidelines based on theoretical consideration and practical experience which could be of use to those teaching ethics within the public sector, structuring ethics programs or codes or implementing such activities.

Table of Contents

Finding Values

Public Sector Ethics: Prospects and Challenges
Tom Sherman
Against Professional Ethics
Hendrik THG Kaptein
Authority, Discretion and Accountability: The Case of Policing
Seumas Miller
Business Practices and the Public Service Ethos
Alan Lawton
Clarifying Accountability: An Ethical Theory Framework
Mel Dubnick

Implementing Values

Ethics in Public Service: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Stephen D Potts
Corruption in Socialist and Capitalist Countries
Young Jong Kim
Integrating Ethics
Colin Hicks and Gerald Scanlan
Canadian Defence Ethics: Principles and Values
Rosalie Bernier
Administrative Law and Good Government
Roger Douglas
Public Sector Managers, Public Sector Workers and Ethics: A Trade Union Perspective
Adrienne Taylor and Mike Waghorne
Talkin’ ’Bout Hebn
David Corbett


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