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For the Public Good

Pro bono and the legal profession in Australia


For the Public Good is a special issue (Volume 19) of the journal Law in Context.


This collection of articles enhanced my understanding of what pro bono is ... If you’re even vaguely interested in the hows and whys of pro bono, and why you should be part of it, then you’ll find dipping into even one of these articles worthwhile. - Alternative Law Journal, Vol 27 (3), June 2002

Table of Contents

Christopher Arup and Kathy Laster

Why Lawyers Should Do Pro Bono Work
Stephen Parker

Professions and the Public Good
John Western, Toni Makkai and Kristin Natalier

Law Clinics and the Promotion of Public Interest Lawyering
Irene Styles and Archie Zariski

Pro Bono as a Professional Legacy
Donald Robertson

How and Why is Pro Bono Flourishing: A Comparison of Recent Developments in Sweden and China
Francis Regan

Barriers to Pro Bono: Commercial Conflicts of Interest Reconsidered
Elisabeth Wentworth

Pro Bono in the Post-Professional Spectrum of Legal Services
Christopher Arup

Introduction to Report of the National Pro Bono Task Force and Recommended Action Plan
David Weisbrot

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