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Protection or Punishment?

Detention of asylum seekers


The strength of this book is the special quality and varied expertise of the contributors. Together, they have written a powerful, comprehensive book on the major moral and political issue of how Australia should deal with border refugees and boat people as asylum seekers.

Table of Contents

Justice Murray Wilcox
Mary Crock

Politics, Policy & the Law

The Political Imperative: Defend, deter, detain
Sen Jim McKiernan
Politics and Public Opinion
Margot Kingston
The Official’s View: The law and policy outlined
D Richardson
Rationales for Detention
Dept of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs
A Legal Perspective on the Evolution of Mandatory Detention
M Crock

Critical Analyses of the Detention Policy

Detention, Justice and Compassion
Justice Marcus Einfeld
Is Detention Justified?
Senator Christabel Chamarette
Human Rights Law and the Detention of Asylum-Seekers
Nick Poynder
International Politics and the United Nations
George Lombard

Human Impact

The Psychological and Psychosocial Effects of Prolonged Detention
RiséBecker and Prof Derrick Silove
Effects of Incarceration
Ron Kessels & Maritsa Eftimou
The Welfare Worker’s Experience
Andrew Biro

International Practice

Reforming Alien Detention Policy in the United States
Dr A Helton
Detention Overseas: Comparative practices
M Piper

Alternatives to Detention

The Official View
Dept of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs
Blueprints for a Parole System
Kate De Mayo & P McIntosh
The Work of the St Vincent de Paul Society
John Atkinson
Reality: The release of the Isabella refugees
Marion Lé


Winds of Change: The future of the detention policy
Dr John Griffiths


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