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Ong on Subrogation


In this book Professor Denis Ong, author of the acclaimed works Trusts Law, Ong on Equity and Ong on Specific Performance, addresses the complexities of the equitable doctrine of Subrogation. This lucid text ranges over all areas where the doctrine is most commonly applied – insurance, trusts and the administration of estates, and sureties.

Generally, the key principles of law are identified and the key cases, across Australian and international jurisdictions, discussed in detail.

Table of Contents

Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
1. What is Subrogation?
2. Subrogation to Trustee’s Right of Indemnity
3. Insurer’s Right of Subrogation
4. Payer’s Right of Subrogation
5. Ultra Vires Borrowings – Lender’s Right of Subrogation
6. Third Party Payer with No Right of Subrogation

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