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The New Work Health and Safety Legislation

A Practical Guide


The new Work Health and Safety Legislation applies uniform laws in most States of Australia. It imposes extensive obligations on anyone who conducts a business or undertaking to ensure the safety of anyone who may be affected by the operation of the business or undertaking. These obligations are not confined to the safety of employees and will cover customers, members of the public and even trespassers. Criminal offences are created for breach.

The official print of the legislation including the Regulations extends to 875 pages. There are 652 provisions which create penalties, most of them criminal. Conviction will expose defendants to large fines, costs orders, and in some cases imprisonment. Directors and managers are particularly vulnerable.

This book describes these obligations in clear and concise language to help anyone affected by these new laws to understand what needs to be done to comply with them.


"A refreshingly practical and common sense overview of the new safety regime. The book dissects the many obligations and complex requirements of work health and safety law into easily understood pieces.

The authors deliberately adopt the standpoint of participants in an enterprise who are charged with applying the new laws in practice. Therefore the target readership for the book are not other lawyers, but people who are more likely to be their clients. For this reason it is an excellent resource for all ’hands on’ practitioners, but particularly human resource and safety managers in small and medium sized businesses."

Alex Bukarica, Director – Legal & Industrial, CFMEU Mining and Energy Division

Table of Contents

General Principles
Applying to all Duties
Acquiring Licences, Registration and Permissions
Dealing with work health and safety issues
Codes of practice
Construction work
Working from home, home offices and home base
Additional protection for workers and others against discrimination, coercion, inducement and misrepresentation
Notification of incidents and legal professional privilege

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