Parliament of New South Wales

New South Wales Legislative Assembly Practice, Procedure and Privilege


This first edition of New South Wales Legislative Assembly Practice, Procedure and Privilege provides a valuable insight into the workings of the seat of Government in New South Wales – the Legislative Assembly.

The New South Wales Legislative Assembly was first established in 1856. In the early days of the Parliament the practice of the United Kingdom House of Commons was heavily relied on and reference was frequently made to May’s Parliamentary Practice.

The 150 years since the Legislative Assembly was first constituted has seen the evolution of practice and procedure unique to the character of the Legislative Assembly. This has meant there are few instances where the House does not have some precedent to follow.

The practices and procedures of the House are illustrated with reference to the Standing Orders and important precedents and rulings of former Speakers, which have contributed to a greater understanding as to how the Standing Orders have been interpreted.

The book also considers the laws pertaining to Parliament and the extent of Parliamentary privilege in New South Wales, a jurisdiction that has not legislated to define its privileges.

The text is current to July 2007 and includes references to both modern and past practice. It is a valuable reference tool to anyone interested in the law and procedures of the Legislative Assembly.

Table of Contents

Practice and Procedure
Sources of Information
The Constituent Parts of Parliament
The Parliamentary Building and Precincts
Proceedings on the Meeting of Parliament
Speaker, Other Office Holders and Officers
Members’ Pledge of Loyalty, Roll, Leave of Absence
Members’ Ethics and Code of Conduct
Records of the House
The Parliamentary Calendar and Elections
Sitting and Adjournment of the House
Rules of Debate
Questions Seeking Information
Notices of Motions
Motions, Questions, Votes and Resolutions
Amendments of Motions
Orders of the Day
Divisions and Bells
Passage of Legislation
Consideration in Detail
Financial Procedures
Papers and Documents
Witnesses Standing and Sessional orders
A Citizen’s Right of Reply
Register of Pecuniary and Other Interests
Remuneration and Entitlements for Members
The Mace
Removal of Judicial Officers and Independent Statutory Officers
The Parliament’s Role in Referring Matters to or Expanding Powers of Investigatory Bodies
Accountability Legislation

Parliamentary Privilege in New South Wales
Introduction to Parliamentary Privilege
Such Powers and Privileges as are Implied by Reason of Necessity
Such Privileges as were Imported by the Adoption of the Bill of Rights
Privilege Conferred by Legislation and Related Matters
Other Matters


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