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Long Term Contracts

Commercial and legal considerations


Australia’s prosperous energy and resources sector is founded on long term contracts. Long term contracts give rise to a variety of difficult conceptual and practical issues that must be confronted by commercial lawyers and energy and resource professionals on a daily basis, ranging from negotiation and documentation through to interpretation and breach.

Questions as to the operation, nature, and effect of long term contracts will continue to assume central importance to Australia as a whole in circumstances where the Asian economies, particularly China, Japan, and India, are anxious for security of supply in relation to commodities.This book confronts some of the major issues under long term contracts from both legal and practical perspectives.

Table of Contents

Foreword by The Honourable William Gummow AC
Commercial Considerations
Duties and Liabilities
Frustration and Force Majeure
Competition Law
Dispute Resolution and Enforcement
Parliamentary Ratified Agreements in the Resources Sector

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