4th edition (Revised)

The Law of Evidence


This highly readable, frequently cited work combines practical guidance and expert academic commentary making it ideal for use in trial and appellate courts, and in the classroom. The book provides expert analysis of new developments in evidentiary law since the publication of the third edition in 2002. It is the most current treatise on the subject available today. In total, more than 150 new appeal cases have been incorporated in this edition, either because they have moved the law along or because they provide excellent illustrations of established evidentiary rules. Paciocco and Stuesser’s Law of Evidence will remain the most versatile and accessible work on the law of evidence in Canada.

Table of Contents

Foreword to the First Edition
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Relevance and Materiality: The Basic Rule of Admissibility
Chapter 3: Character Evidence: Primary Materiality
Chapter 4: Hearsay
Chapter 5: Hearsay Exceptions
Chapter 6: Opinion Evidence
Chapter 7: Privilege
Chapter 8: Self-Incrimination
Chapter 9: Improperly Obtained Evidence
Chapter 10: Methods of Presenting Evidence
Chapter 11: Secondary Materiality and Your Own Witness
Chapter 12: Rules Relating to the Use of Admissible Evidence
Chapter 13: Conclusions
Table of Canadian Evidence Acts
Table of Cases
About the Authors

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