International Trade Law


This book is a comprehensive introduction to international trade law, written by one of Canada’s leading practitioners in the field. The book describes the principles that underpin the international trading system, and the evolving jurisprudence under the World Trade Organization that is providing ever-increasing definition of the international rules to which Canadian laws must conform. The author provides a detailed analysis of each of the trade agreements, such as NAFTA, to which Canada is a party; he describes how these agreements are interrelated and how they affect Canadian domestic law.


"International Trade Law should provide a valuable weapon in the arsenal of Canada’s international trade warriors as they do battle in the arena of global commerce.”

Gordon Ritchie, former Ambassador for trade negotiations and deputy trade negotiator for Canada

Table of Contents

Foreword by Gordon Ritchie
Overview: International Trade Law

Chapter 1: International Legal Structure
Chapter 2: Trade in Goods: Non-Discrimination and General Exceptions
Chapter 3: Tariffs and Related Border Measures
Chapter 4: Import and Export Restrictions and Related Border Measures
Chapter 5: The Origin of Goods
Chapter 6: Antidumping and Countervailing Duties, Subsidies, and Safeguards
Chapter 7: Undesigned Parallelism
Chapter 8: Investment, Services, and Other Matters
Chapter 9: Further Exceptions
Chapter 10: Institutional Structure, Dispute Resolution, and Conclusion

Glossary of Terms
Table of Cases

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