2nd edition (New edition)

International Law, 2/e

Doctrine, Practice, and Theory


International Law: Doctrine, Practice, and Theory is an innovative and unique volume which crosses the traditional boundaries between textbook, casebook, and scholarly monograph. The book is designed primarily as an introduction to the system and substance of international law. It is also a convenient and comprehensive reference work on the most important aspects of this burgeoning field.

The book includes introductory materials on the nature, history, and theory of international law from an international relations, as well as a legal, perspective. Carefully selected and edited primary materials — including treaties, UN documents, and cases — take readers to the very sources of the rules and principles that comprise modern international law. Extensive and critical commentary on, and analysis of, these primary materials guide the reader to an understanding of the rules, their strengths and weaknesses, and their place in the international legal system. Descriptions of contemporary real-world situations provide concrete context to the discussion.

Remarkable for both its depth and breadth, International Law: Doctrine, Practice, and Theory sets a new standard for the study of international law in Canada. It will make an invaluable addition to the reference collection of practitioners, judges, and scholars working in this ever-increasingly important area of modern law.

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Table of Contents


Part I: The International Legal "System"
Chapter 1: The Concept of International Law in Context
Chapter 2: Sources of International Law
Chapter 3: International Legal Persons

Part II: State Jurisdiction
Chapter 4: State Jurisdiction over Land Territory
Chapter 5: State Jurisdiction over Water
Chapter 6: State Jurisdiction over Air and Space
Chapter 7: State Jurisdiction over Persons, Conduct, and Events

Part III: Constraints On State Jurisdiction
Chapter 8: Jurisdictional Immunities
Chapter 9: International Human Rights Law
Chapter 10: Constraints on State Regulation of Economic Activity
Chapter 11: International Environmental Law

Part IV: Recourse For Violations Of International Law
Chapter 12: State Responsibility
Chapter 13: Economic Sanctions
Chapter 14: The Use of Force
Chapter 15: International Criminal Law

Table of Cases
Table of International Instruments
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