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Health Care, Crime and Regulatory Control


Published with the Australian Institute of Criminology.

Medicine has always been intimately involved with crime and criminology, whether it is through explanations of criminal behaviour or the attempt to modify this behaviour through treatment. This book looks at the interaction between the criminal justice system and regulating health care practice. Covering a variety of disciplines, the books addresses regulatory controls and the regulation in health care of alternative health care methods, sexual misconduct in health care, unlawful killing and fraud.

Table of Contents

Health Care, Crime and Regulatory Control: An Introduction
Russell G Smith

Rational Choice Regulation: Two Strategies
Philip Pettit

The Criminalisation “Solution” to Medical Misconduct
Ian Freckelton

Disciplinary Regulation
Andrew Dix

Beth Wilson, Keith Jackson and Teresa Punshon

National Influences on the Regulation of Professional Conduct
Jan Fletcher

The Review of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Victoria
Anne-Louise Carlton

The Alternative and Complementary Health Care Practitioner’s Perspective
Andries M Kleynhans

The Problem of Reporting Sexual Misconduct by Colleagues and Patients
Merrilyn Walton

The Criminalisation of Post-Therapeutic Relationships in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Carolyn Quadrio

Criminal Negligence in Health Care
David Neal and Russell G Smith

Danuta Mendelson

The Transmission of Life-Threatening Infections: A New Regulatory Strategy
Simon Bronitt

Fraud Control in the Health Insurance Commission: A Multi-Faceted Approach
Peter Brandt

The Regulation of Telemedicine
Russell G Smith

Controlling Genetic Research
Louis Waller

Table of Cases
Table of Legislation

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