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Global Issues, Women and Justice


Global Issues, Women and Justice explores the ways women seek justice through the nation-state, global process and international criminal justice mechanisms. It draws on a diversity of academic and advocate voices in examining how women have accessed justice under conditions of globalisation, militarization and colonisation.

Global Issues, Women and Justice will appeal to academics and activists as a valuable resource for research and provides numerous case studies of the ways women have mobilised to achieve justice which will be useful in both the classroom and in campaigning.


This collection provides a rich and textured set of portraits of women struggling for justice around the globe. It gives feminists inspiration for their theorising and at the same time theoretical insights for their activism. - Professor Hilary Charlesworth, Australian National University

This is contemporary feminism par excellence. It provides inspirational accounts of women’s activism that add significantly to knowledge and at the same time constitutes a major challenge to understandings and practices of justice.
The book will be a significant turning point in feminist criminology in Australia. It fractures the boundaries of the discipline and challenges basic understandings. At the same time it is inspirational reading about women’s struggles for justice across the globe. - Associate Professor Christine Alder, University of Melbourne

This timely collection highlights the urgent need for effective strategies to support the agency of women. These testing critical engagements with diverse forms of women’s activism test the limits and possibilities of concepts such as ’feminism’ and ’sisterhood’ in ways that are both productive and cautionary. - Dr Maryanne Dever, Monash University

Table of Contents

Global issues, women and justice
Sharon Pickering and Caroline Lambert

Domestic Justice: Negotiating with the Nation-state

Editors’ introduction
Women’s rights and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission: an unfinished agenda
Lyn Graybill
Narrating women and asylum: hostile administrative-legal justice
Sharon Pickering
Militarisation, gender and ethnicity in Southern Mexico
Lynn Stephen
Living in the circle and thinking inside the square
Nerida Blair

International Justice: Engaging with Global Processes

Editors’ introduction
Partial sites and partial sightings: women and the UN human rights treaty system
Caroline Lambert
Aboriginal women’s struggles for justice in Canada
Evelyn Zellerer
‘Engendering’ development-centred, rights-based, equitable trade policy
Marceline White
Kader, compensation and justice: the need for a comprehensive analysis
Fiona Haines and Cate Lewis
Everybody’s business: the privatisation of women’s imprisonment
Sharon Pickering and Michael Gard

International Criminal Justice: Engaging Women Activists

Editors’ introduction
Challenging international law: the quest for justice of the former ‘comfort women’
Indai Lourdes Sajor
All roads lead to Rome, but some are bumpier than others
Alda Facio
Untold numbers: East Timorese women and traditional justice
Susan Harris Rimmer


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