Family Law


In this insightful and succinct text, Professor Simon Fodden provides a clear summary and analysis of those essential areas where the family and the law intersect. It is essential reading for students of the subject as well as practitioners looking for a convenient means of refreshing their knowledge.

The book is organized into three parts following the pathology of familial relations from the creation of intimate relations to the breakup of the family and the reorganization of relationships. Part One looks at the statutory framework within which families are created and pays particular attention to the law as it relates to adoption. Part Two examines the law’s involvement in the on-going family when it fails to serve a member well. Specific Chapters deal with child protection and with spousal abuse. Among those issues discussed in Part Three are custody and access, divorce, distribution of family property, and financial support.

Professor Fodden concludes the book with a comment on some of the most pressing issues confronting the legal system as it relates to familial relations today. His observations are certain to provoke discussion and debate.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Part One: Formation of Legal Relations
Chapter 2: Marriage
Chapter 3: Cohabitation Agreements
Chapter 4: Cohabitation
Chapter 5: Parentage
Chapter 6: Adoption

Part Two: Administration of the Family
Chapter 7: Child Protection
Chapter 8: Spousal Violence

Part Three: Reorganization of Relations
Chapter 9: Divorce
Chapter 10: Custody and Access
Chapter 11: Family Property
Chapter 12: Financial Support
Chapter 13: Separation Agreements
Chapter 14: Conclusion
Table of Cases
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