Expert Witnesses in Civil Litigation

A Practical Guide


Expert witnesses can be the lifeblood of a lawyer’s case. This handbook applies recent pronouncements of the courts to the involvement of experts in civil litigation. It presents practical tips and techniques for lawyers with respect to the participation of experts from initial retainer, instruction, and report, to preparing experts to testify, leading experts’ evidence at trial, and cross-examination. In each chapter, the handbook uses court cases as examples of the points under discussion. Readers can see how case analysis applies to the role of experts in these cases.

Table of Contents

Preface: Expert Witnesses in Civil Litigation: Use of this Handbook
Introduction: How Expert Opinions Fit into Civil Trials
Chapter One: Legal Principles
Chapter Two: Choosing and Retaining an Expert
Chapter Three: The Expert’s Report
Chapter Four: Preparing the Expert for Examinations
Chapter Five: The Direct Examination
Chapter Six: Cross-Examining the Experts
Chapter Seven: Redirect
Chapter Eight: Conclusion
Appendix: Ontario, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia Rules
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