Examinations in Civil Trials

The Formula for Success


The rough and tumble of examinations — direct, cross, redirect — is the heart of this handbook, which offers up a wealth of practical techniques and advice for the novice litigator. For more experienced counsel, it can offer alternatives to practices developed over years. Maintaining a plainspoken style throughout, Examinations in Civil Trials presents a sophisticated and comprehensive approach to conducting examinations in court, and before administrative tribunals. Nearly every section wraps up with a case study — a fact situation drawn from the courtroom that sets up an exercise — and a “solution” clearly showing how an advocate might tackle the exercise with aplomb.


Examination in Civil Trials is excellent. I am so happy to have it. I actually keep it in my trial binder and use it as I'm preparing my outlines. I have been preparing questions using the Five-in-Five-out formula all day. The book is a must-have for any junior lawyers that are preparing for their first hearing. It’s informative and to the point.” — Megan Murphy, litigation lawyer

Table of Contents

Preface: Examinations in Civil Trials: Use of This Handbook

Introduction: How to Teach Courtroom Examination Techniques

Chapter 1:  Preparation for Examinations

Chapter 2: Techniques in Common for Examinations in General

Chapter 3: The Trial Judge

Chapter 4: Direct Examinations

Chapter 5: Cross-examinations

Chapter 6: Redirect Examinations



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