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Environmental Outlook No 3

Law and policy


This book includes contributions by a range of leading international and national experts on the general theme of environmental law, policy and sustainability. Its contributors identify a number of emerging trends in environmental law and policy on a global, regional and local level and provide a number of perspectives on how business and government can and should respond to diverse and increasingly serious, threats to sustainability.

Post-Rio political developments, including current initiatives, form a particular focus, as do the Commonwealth’s environment protection and biodiversity conservation legislative initiatives and trends and developments at State level.

Also covered are: ISO 14001, incentives for cleaner production, the APEC trade liberalisation process, heritage protection, EIA and community right-to-know. The book complements but goes beyond previous books in this series in its distinctive focus on sustainability issues and their implications for environmental law and policy.

Table of Contents

Opening Address: Reform of Commonwealth Environmental Law
Senator Robert Hill

Recent Developments in the European Union and the Earth Summit +5
Margaret Brusasco-Mackenzie

Recent Developments in Environmental Law in the Asia Pacific
Lal Kurukulasuriya

Implementation of International Environmental Law in the Asia Pacific
Ben Boer

Recent Developments in the United States: Prospects for the 105th Congress
J William Futrell

Incorporating Sustainability Principles in Legislation
Paul Stein and Susan Mahoney

Towards Sustainability: Incentives for Cleaner Production
Neil Gunningham and Darren Sinclair

APEC and ESD: Turning Sustained Economic Growth into Ecologically Sustainable Development
Jan McDonald

Scope of the Commonwealth’s Environmental Powers and Responsibilities
Geoffrey Lindell

Trends and Developments at State Level: A Western Australian Perspective
Bryan Jenkins

Recent Trends and Developments in South Australian Environmental Law
Paul Leadbeter

Beyond the National Environment Protection Council
John Taberner

International Marine Environmental Law and Policy: 20th Century Responses and 21st Century Challenges
Donald R Rothwell

The Development of Australia’s Ocean Policy: Implications for Marine Environmental Law
Sam Bateman

“Barbarians at the Gates of the Garden of Eden - Revisited”: Heritage Protection Foundation for the New Millennium
Simon R Molesworth

Having Our Cake and Eating It: Heritage Protection and the Australian Minerals Industry
Ian Gould

EIA and the Politics of Reform
Steven Münchenberg

Environmental Marketing: Would You Buy It?
Amanda Cornwall

Concluding Remarks
Brian Preston


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