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Criminal Justice in Diverse Communities


Criminal Justice in Diverse Communities is a special issue (Volume 17 No 1) of the journal Law in Context.

Table of Contents

Criminal Justice in Diverse Communities: An Introduction
Andrew Goldsmith and Mark Israel

Policing and Self-policing in the Shadow of the Law: Negotiating Space for Public Dissent
Mary Heath

Informal Resolution of Police Complaints in Australia: Building Better Understanding or Mere Bureaucratic Convenience?
Andrew Goldsmith

Policing and Crime Prevention: The Role of Insurance
Sharyn L Roach Anleu, Lorraine Green Mazerolle and Lois Presser

Choice, Consent and Autonomy in a Guilty Plea System
Kathy Mack and Sharyn Roach Anleu

Juries, Race and the Construction of Community
Mark Israel

How Evidence and Social Identity Interact to Affect Jurors’ Judgments
Neil Brewer, RM Hupfeld and Carolyn Schmidt

The Criminal Justice System and the Construction of Aboriginality
Heather McRae

Restorative Justice in Diverse and Unequal Societies
Kathleen Daly

The Surprising Liability and Fundamental Assets of Diverse Juries
Robert J Boeckmann

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