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Crime and Justice in Australia 1997


Published with the Australian Institute of Criminology.

This book gives a comprehensive picture of crime and the criminal justice system in Australia in the mid-1990s. It provides definitions of most aspects of the criminal event, describes the various tiers of the criminal justice process, and includes illustrative statistics which give a picture of the state of crime in Australia in the mid-1990s. Some tables and graphs convey ’snapshots’ of various crimes, and others convey trends. State and Territory data are included, but the main emphasis is on the national perspective.


... a well laid out reference source - New South Wales Police Journal

Table of Contents

What is crime? Causes of crime: some theories

Australian Society

System of government

The Criminal Event

Types of crime
Other common crimes
Main sources of national crime statistices
The extent of crime
The trends in crime
Where do most crimes occur?
Weapons and crime


Who are the victims of crime?
Who are the victims of violent crime?
How often are people victimised?
What kinds of households are victims of crime?
A comparison of crime rates with the rates of other life events
Crime: an issue of community concern
The relationship between victims and offenders
How does crime affect its victims?
Are all crimes reported?
Victim impact statements
Compensation for crime victims


Information about offenders
Who are offenders?
Offence patterns
Drugs and crime
Juveniles and the criminal justice system
Career criminals

The Response to Crime

The criminal justice system response to crime
Law enforcement agents: roles, functions and powers
Prosecution and adjudication

Sentencing and Punishment

Theories on the effectiveness of punishment
The objectives of sentencing
Current sentencing alternatives
What sentence lengths are actually served by offenders?


Trends in correctional populations and prison overcrowding
Prison accommodation
The main characteristics of people under detention
How is time served in prison determined?
Does imprisonment deter from re-offending?
The health status of the custodial population

Cost of Justice

Government expenditure on justice and sources of funding
What does the Commonwealth government pay for?
State government responsibility for justice
Factors related to State government per capita spending
The cost of staffing the criminal justice system
What do prisons and correctional programs cost?

Current Issues

Unemployment and crime
Domestic violence
Ethnicity and crime
Deaths in custody
Sophisticated crime

List of Tables
List of Figures

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