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Consumer Protection Law


This book covers all the Australian law on consumer protection and reflects the substantial changes in the perceptions of the best way to protect the interests of consumers. This revised addition also covers the fundamental changes to the statute law at both Federal and State level in the new Credit Code, the National Competition Policy and food law.


A detailed text such as this is a useful reference for practitioners ... the book remains a practical and concise encapsulation of Australian consumer protection law. ... The strength of this book lies in its structure. ... The manner in which [the authors] address various types of commercial activity, such as advertising, gives the reader a concise overview and provides a sound basis for further research. - Proctor (Qld Law Society), March 1999

Mention may be made of a few of the many interesting and topical subjects which receive attention: excessive charges for repairs; the need for independent legal advice in connection with mortgages and guarantees; genetic engineering; the value of “survey” evidence; the “State of the Art” defence; dangerous toys; the length of time for which goods must remain in a consumable state; bogus “Specials”; builders’ liability to subsequent purchasers; whether a statute “covers the field”; prosecutions under the Public Health Act. ...
This is a most useful book not only for consumers but also for suppliers and manufacturers and their respective advisers. - The Law Letter (Tasmanian Law Society), December 1998

Table of Contents

Consumers, Consumerism and the Law
Consumer Protection in a Federal System
Contractual Remedies against the Seller or Supplier
Manufacturers’ Liability
Prescription of Standards for Goods and Services
Occupational Licensing
General Proscription of Deceptive Practices and Controls on Advertising
Specific Controls of Deceptive Practices
Consumer Credit
Consumer Remedies
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes

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