The Federation Press

The Chequered Lady

and other tales from Australian courts


Larrikins, larks, lurks and the law... Here are some good yarns from the justice system, about Australians in court and the things they get up to. These short stories, based on real cases, were collected over four years in the life of a court watcher.

Table of Contents

The Slippery Man
A Dirty Story
He’s Good with Money
Just Bad Luck
The Tequila Made Me Do It
Expert Witness
I’m Doing You a Favour!
He’s Got the Health Department Blues
They Gee’d Me Up
The Chequered Lady
I Can Explain That!
The Bogus Doctor
Bikies? What Bikies?
You Simply Must Place an Ad With Us!
I’m not a Criminal
All in His Name
The Case of the Sensitive New-Age Cops
What! Me Not Pay?
Domestic Bliss
The Non-Drink Driver
But They’re My Babies!
The Latin Love
Big Jim Holds Court
Robber Repencts
Who Lit the Fire?
Psst! Wanna Buy a Snake?
Dear Father
The Generous Man
Someone Up There Likes Me

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