Case Analysis

The Critical Path to Persuasion


How do lawyers get from the initial interview to a structured closing argument? Cases emerge in fits and starts — a fact here, a document there — and most of what lawyers learn about a case has no bearing on the outcome. How can lawyers begin to separate the wheat from the chaff? Case analysis, as outlined in this handbook, will teach you how to convert preparation into persuasion. Armed with case analysis, lawyers can plan and implement effective examinations, openings, and closings: start with the idea, then present the key facts in a manner that convinces — this is the critical path to persuasion.  

Table of Contents

Preface: Case Analysis: Use of This Handbook


Introduction: How Case Analysis Works in Civil Litigation

Chapter One: Case Analysis: What Is It?

Chapter Two: Mechanics

Chapter Three: Applications

Appendix: Case Scenario


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