Canadian Family Law


In the last fifty years our understanding of what constitutes "the family" in Canadian society and Canadian law has undergone a radical transformation. Similarly profound changes have taken place in the areas of child and spousal support and dispute resolution. Canadian Family Law incorporates these new developments to present a concise yet thorough analysis of family law in Canada at the beginning of the new millennium. It provides insight into the Federal Child Support Guidelines, alternative dispute resolution, as well as the fundamental principles of family law within topics such as Marriage, Cohabitational Relationships, Domestic Contracts, Family Violence, Spousal Separation and Divorce, and Matrimonial Property Rights. Canadian Family Law will be of particular interest to practitioners and to other professionals who require an understanding of the law related to families.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Family Structures and Canadian Family Law
Chapter 2: Marriage
Chapter 3: Cohabitational Relationships
Chapter 4: Domestic Contracts
Chapter 5: Family Violence
Chapter 6: The Crises of Marriage Breakdown and Processes for Dealing with Them
Chapter 7: Spousal Separation and Divorce
Chapter 8: Matrimonial Property Rights
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