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Bringing Human Rights to Life


These stories are from all around the world, emphasising the universality of human rights. They raise current and topical issues. Some of the stories will be familiar, but will still contain fresh information and perspectives for most people; others will be new, and will extend the reader’s perceptions.

In each case, the story, the person or group, comes first - clear, concise, unbiased and accurate - and is followed by identification, exposition and discussion of the human right or rights involved.

Table of Contents

Group rights: Indigenous peoples, minorities and self-determination

The Aborigines of Noonkanbah, the Penan of Sarawak and the Maori of Orakei: The rights of indigenous peoples

Bangladesh, East timor and Lithuania: The struggle for nationhood, the right of peoples to self-determination

The Amish of Wisconsin and the French speakers of Belgium: The rights of minorities

’Life’ problems: Euthanasia, privacy and the environment

Baby J and Karen Quinlan: The right to life Euthanasia for persons who cannot make their own choices

The cases of Debbie and Mrs Janet Adkins: The right to life Euthanasia for persons capable of choosing

The cases of Jane Roe and James Malone: The right to privacy

The Chernobyl disaster and the forest dwellers of Brazil: The right to a sustainable environment

Achieving Equality - Discrimination and Affirmative Action

Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King: Combating racial discrimination

The cases of Donka Najdovska, Lynette Aldridge and Johnson controls: Sex discrimination and affirmative action

The cases of Awet Josef of Eritrea and the Gillick children: The rights of children

Liberty and Security for Individuals

The cases of Monica Mignone and Patient Vera: Personal rights to liberty and security in times of emergency

The cases of Karen Green and Joseph Brodsky: The right to work

Tiananmen Square and the case of the Austrian doctors: The right to peaceful protest

The cases of the IRA suspects and of Jeffrey Cosans: The right not to be subjected to torture or degrading forms of treatment

Ways of Advancing Rights

Concluding Comment
The human rights enterprise


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