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Balancing Act

Law, policy and politics in globalisation and global trade


This volume focuses attention on world trade regulation issues in Australia. Published in the shadows of the Australia-USA Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA) in 2004, it takes a wide-ranging and sceptical approach to the area.

It features:

  • an examination of the WTO through the lens of globalisation (Camilleri and Myconos);
  • the case against the AUSFTA (Garnaut);
  • the CER Agreement (Walker);
  • the question of special and differential treatment of LDCs within the WTO (Chen);
  • the WTO and Islamic Law (Bhala);
  • national treatment under the WTO (McMahon);
  • intellectual property protection (Drahos and Braithwaite);
  • FDI and the WTO (Sornarajah);
  • trade in services (Islam);
  • labour law issues (Murray); and
  • environmental issues (Harris).

Balancing Act is a special issue (Volume 21) of the journal Law in Context.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Towards a Fairer Order by Rules
Jianfu Chen and Gordon Walker

WTO: The Competitive Dynamic of Globalisation at Work
Joseph A Camilleri and George Myconos
The CER Agreement and Trans-Tasman Business Law Coordination: From ‘Soft Law’ Approach to ‘Hard Law’ Outcome
Gordon Walker

‘S & D’ Treatment for Developing Countries in the WTO Trade Regime: A False Solution on a Wrong Footing for LDCs
Jianfu Chen
The Intersection of Islam and the WTO: Three Sharī’a Issues in the WTO Accession of Saudi Arabia
Raj Bhala
National Regulation and the WTO: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?
Joseph A McMahon
Hegemony Based on Knowledge: The Role of Intellectual Property
Peter Drahos and John Braithwaite
Good Corporate Citizenship and the Conduct of Multinational Corporations
M Sornarajah
Pressing Issues of Global Free Trade in Services
M Rafiqul Islam
Labour Issues in Times of Globalisation: Is the Social Clause an Appropriate Legal Response?
Jill Murray
Beyond Doha: Clarifying the Role of the WTO in Determining Trade-Environment Disputes
Mark Harris

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