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Applying the Precautionary Principle


The Australian Environmental Review says about this book:

  • '… Applying the Precautionary Principle is a step-by-step guide to the practice.
  • … included [are] numerous worked examples of the precautionary principle at work to further enhance the understanding of the concept.
  • … ideal for environmental planning and development decision makers in both public and private sectors, students who increasingly need to set their technical and professional education in the context of ecologically sustainable development and community groups and lobbyists who want an understanding of the principle, how it can be applied and its potential influence on decision makers.'

Table of Contents

Introducing the Precautionary Principle
The Emergence of the Precautionary Principle
Who is Involved
Why Apply the Precautionary Principle
A New Name for Common Practice
Making Sense of the Precautionary Principle

Applying the Precautionary Principle
Step 1: Are Precautionary Measures Needed?
Step 2: How Precautious Should We Be?
Step 3: What Precautionary Measures Can You Apply?
Step 4: What Precautionary Measures Should You Apply?
Case Study

Precautionary Measures
Table 1: Existing Operations and Activities
Table 2: Proposed Projects and Plans of Management
Table 3: Organisational Management
Table 4: Administrative Procedures
Table 5: Legislation and Law Reform
Table 6: Policy, Strategy and Planning
References/ Further Reading

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