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Antarctic Environmental Protection

A collection of Australian and international instruments


This book contains:

  • all international instruments regulating the protection of the Antarctic environment
  • all relevant Australian legislation regulating the protection of the environment of the Australian Antarctic Territory
  • a commentary on both the inter-national and Australian legal regime dealing with Antarctic environmental protection
  • the impact of the 1991 Madrid Protocol on Environmental Protection upon both the international legal regime and also Australian law
  • the effectiveness of Antarctic environmental protection instruments at Australian and international level
  • a number of other key instruments and documents dealing with Antarctic environmental protection and marine living resource conservation.

Table of Contents

The Antarctic Treaty System

The Antarctic Treaty System and Environmental Protection
Antarctic Treaty Instruments
Measures and Recommendations adopted at Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings
Conservation Measures adopted by the Commission for the Conservaton of Antarctic Marine
Living Resources

Australian Responses
Australian Law and Policy for the Protection of the Antarctic Environment
Australian Legislation
Australian Antarctic Documents


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