The ABCs of Law School

A Practical Guide To Success Without Sacrifice


Do you ever wish you could go back in time and get a second kick at the can? Many law school graduates do. Why? Because they could have done better with less work, if only they knew then what they know now...

Law school can and should be engaging, rewarding and manageable. The ABCs of Law School will give you the skills to get the most out of law school the first time around. In it, you will find a systematic guide to law school success -- one that entertains as it informs.

This book is essential reading for any aspiring law student!

Table of Contents

A General Outline

CHAPTER 1: The Building Blocks of Law School Success
Andie is a Social Species of Law Student
Andie Places a Premium on Synthesis and Unity in the Study of Law
Our Supporting Cast: Knowing the Professors
A Note on Heuristics
Our Sample Case: Hadley v. Baxendale

CHAPTER 2: The Semester
Class Attendance
Reading Cases
Studying outside of Class

CHAPTER 3: Preparing for Exams
Collaborative Studying
Studying Techniques
A Postscript: What Should I Do If I Start Studying Late?

CHAPTER 4: The Exam
Taking Law School Exams
Sample Exam
Policy Questions

CHAPTER 5: Paper Courses
Class Attendance and Reading
Selecting a Topic and Approach for the Paper
Researching the Paper

CHAPTER 6: Selecting Courses
Andie's Criteria for Picking Courses

APPENDIX: Hadley v. Baxendale

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