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Law of Equitable Remedies and Intellectual Property Law cited by SCC

Posted by irwinlaw on July 26, 2017 in intellectual property law, irwin law books, and remedies law.

The Supreme Court of Canada has cited two Irwin Law books this past month in two cases where a judgement has been rendered:

1. Irwin Law's The Law of Equitable Remedies by Jeffrey Berryman was cited in Google Inc. v. Equustek Solutions Inc., where Equustek Solutions brought action against a distributor for unlawful use and sale of its intellectual property through the Internet. A judgement for this case was rendered on June 28, 2017

2. Intellectual Property Law by David Vaver was cited in AstraZeneca Canada Inc. v. Apotex Inc., a patent case on utility and the promise doctrine. A judgement for this case was rendered on June 30, 2017

Cameron Hutchison contributes to

Posted by irwinlaw on July 14, 2016 in authors, computer and internet law, and intellectual property law.

We're delighted that Cameron Hutchison, author of Digital Copyright Law, is the newest contributor to! Read his first article, "5 Questions About Digital Copyright Law," here. Hutchison answers the following questions:

1. What is a digital lock?
2. How broadly will the bittorent infringement enabler provision be applied?
3. Will the “Youtube exception” provide adequate protection for non-commercial creators of content?
4. What does it mean to be an “author” in the digital age?
5. When will courts order telecoms to produce the names of infringers to copyright plaintiffs?